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"If we can widen the range of experiences beyond what we as individuals have encountered, if we can draw upon the experiences of others who've had to confront comparable situations in the past, then - although there are no guarantees - our chances of acting wisely should increase proportionately.
-  Edward Hallett Carr

The knowledge and skills learned whilst doing History at Secondary School will allow our students to become articulate, critical thinkers and understand the importance of their rights and responsibilities as Australian and global citizens.

"History is the long struggle of man, by exercise of his reason, to understand his environment and to act upon it. But the modern period has broadened the struggle in a revolutionary way. Man now seeks to understand, and act on, not only his environment, but himself; and this has added, so to speak, a new dimension to reason and a new dimension to history.
- Edward Hallett Carr, What Is History?

History at Maitland Grossmann High School allows students to travel through time exploring the ancient, medieval and modern worlds. A knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate staff is there to help the student in this journey.

All students study mandatory History in years 7 – 10. Students have the opportunity at the end of year 8 to select History as an additional elective in years 9 and 10. In the senior school students can choose to study Ancient History, Modern History (or both) as well as specialising in Extension History in the HSC year.