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MGHS Parent Portal


From Monday 2nd September 2019, primary caregivers will receive a letter granting them access to the MGHS Parent Portal (Sentral Portal).

A letter is generated and sent for each individual student. I ask that families with custody arrangements (formal or informal) share this information to relevant family members. 

By accessing the Parent Portal, you will gain valuable insight into your child's progress at MGHS. I envisage that this tool will greatly assist school/family communication. 

Initially you'll have access to:

  • School newsletters
  • 2018 & 2019 school reports
  • Attendance data & ability to explain absences** 
  • Timetables and class details
  • School Calendar (found under school applications)
  • Daily student notices
  • Medical plans submitted
  • Portal messages sent by MGHS staff
  • NAPLAN results

** Please note, historic student absences that appear on your child's attendance record, older than 7 days may be explained by parents now; however, will remain unjustified on the attendance record. Moving forward, please remember student absences must be explained within 7 days to be recorded as "explained". MGHS will continue to send SMS alerts and reminders about absences and this requirement. We believe that accessing the parent portal will greatly reduce the rate of unexplained absences.   

Please be aware, more options and information will be rolled out intermittently. I'm also aware that the phone app is currently experiencing login issues. We are working with Sentral to resolve this.​

Each students has an individual access key. When entering this key, enter the letter and number combination only, not the full stop (.) following the key code. 

Please be patient as we roll this platform out to our 1100 students and their families. There is 'help & information' available on the portal page. Please take your time investigating the portal and use the 'help & information' menu rather than calling the school for technical assistance. 

I'm confident you'll find this information useful, as we continue to promote school / family contentedness.




Mr Josh Gane 

Principal (rel)

Maitland Grossmann High School 
Cumberland Street, East Maitland, NSW 2323
ph.    02 49342066
fax.   02 49345086



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