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Year 11 and 12


Visual Arts encourages students to express themselves in visual form as well as written form. Students learn about artmaking and learn how to make art in a variety of forms, culminating in the development of a 'body of work' in the HSC course.  Students critically and historically investigate the practice of artists, critics and historians.

In the Preliminary Course students develop skills in a variety of expressive forms such as: Document forms, Collection of Works, Drawing, Painting, Photomedia, Printmaking, Textiles and Fibre, Graphic design, Digital Imagery, Designed Objects, Sculpture, Ceramics, Time-based forms (Film) and in areas of interest to individual students.

In the HSC Course students refine their new skills and use them to develop a Body of Work with conceptual strength. The course works on a basic 50% practical and 50% theory basis. 


In both the Preliminary and HSC Courses students will gain a wide experience in 

  • Performance, 
  • Composition, 
  • Musicology and 
  • Listening 

through the study of the concepts of music - duration, pitch, tone colour, dynamics and expressive techniques, tempo, performing media.

Students select 3 topics for study in Year 11 and 3 in Year 12. Topics range from classical to Pop, Jazz and Rock.

All students are required to perform in front of others at times during the course and the HSC includes a practical component for all students.


Students studying Drama will be involved in the process of Making, Performing and a Critical Study through both individual and group experiences.

In the Preliminary course the following elements are covered:

  • Improvisation
  • Playbuilding
  • Acting
  • Elements of Production in Performance
  • Theatrical Traditions
  • Performance Styles
The HSC Course involves 
  • Two theoretical components
  • Two Practical components
Students must present a 
  • Group Performance which involves creating a piece of original theatre.
  • an Individual Project where they demonstrate expertise in a particular area like Critical Analysis, Design, Performance, Script Writing or Video Drama


In this course students are able to study dance as a unique art form in which the body is the instrument for non-verbal communication and expression.

it is organised around three core components of
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Appreciation
There is a lot of physical and practical work in this course and a solid theoretical background is necessary. 

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